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Target and Eliminate the Weaknesses of your Organisation

Entity Stage Framework does exactly that in a manner that’s simple, logical and measurable. No organisation is perfect but flaws are quite often hard to identify and even harder to address. Knowing what to do is the trickiest, once you know ‘the what’, you will work out ‘the how.



Task 1

Task 2

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Task 1

Task 2

Task 3


Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Solving Real World Problems

What Can ESF Do For You?

Entity Stage Framework is a revolutionary product that redefines how business optimisation is performed. The team behind ESF has put countless number of hours to ensure the system is intuitive, flexible and scalable. Entity Stage Framework is all about making a difference.


Business Management

  • Build up a picture of your business and the key stages it goes through to manage and deliver its products and services.

  • Use ESF Core as the foundation upon which to build your business knowledge and capture vital information.

  • Bridge the gap between business and technology by capturing systems, people and roles.

  • Overlay your business knowledge by using one of the pre-defined Question Sets.

  • Apply industry standards to the ESF Core to drive continuous improvement and increase engagement.


Detailed Business Insights

  • Use the pre-defined Question Sets to capture key business knowledge.

  • Target different parts of your business – teams, services, business units, departments – or engage with the business as a whole to get a fuller picture.

  • Analyse your business knowledge to understand where to start in line with your strategic objectives.

  • Identify gaps in knowledge and process.

  • Easily identify the systems, people and roles involved in your key stages to facilitate easy programme / project management.

  • Track improvements over time with ESF SnapShot


Bespoke Recommendations

  • Generate targeted heatmaps based on your responses.


  • Generate a prioritised list of recommendations in line with your objectives.


  • Identify key stakeholders, systems and roles.

Don't Delay

Time Is Money

Waiting for the right moment? Well, the right moment is now! Identify and address the stress points of your organisation and we guarantee you will start feeling the results in no time. The thing is that ineffective processes create more ineffective processes and the longer you wait the more issues you will need to fix. You can start by ordering our free taster pack containing a set of sample questions which should give you a better idea of what we’re all about.